Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ode To Moody

Exactly one year ago today, Moody and I smooshed our faces together and decided to date. It’s been the best year of my life, and in honor of my sassy, snazzy, magnificent man, I have prepared……(drumroll)……

A brief and selected list of things I love about him:
1.) That he likes to gauge the (un)acceptability of his outfits by the facial expressions of the UPS man.
2.) His positively girlish long eye-lashes
3.) His shameless love of pro-wrestling
4.) The fact that he lets me steal all of his favorite clothes, and doesn’t complain that I leave the sleeves rolled up when I put them back in his closet.
5.) That he bought me an espresso machine for Valentine’s Day. Boy knows who he’s dating.
6.) That he goes into our serial-killer-hideout-of-a-basement to switch my laundry from the washer to the dryer when I complain that there’s a serial killer down there. Hiding out.
7.) He lets me put up as many Christmas decorations as I want, and doesn’t complain when they start to encroach on his head-space.
8.) How, when he goes outside to take out the trash and I’m wolf-whistling at him from our second-floor apartment, he pretends he can’t hear me, but walks with a little more bounce in his step.
9.) He shaves his soul-patch for me. Because soul-patches are just the beginning of a slippery slope into rat-tail and mullet territory.
10.) When he’s on the night-shift at work, he spends hours and hours making me origami sunflowers.
11.) How, one time, when I was out of canvasses, he let me do a painting on his back.
12.) His very fine tooshie.

Happy anniversary baby. You are the bee’s knees. 

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