Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Poetry Wednesday


The train derailed/ turned into a

There were lessons,
sensations, and soot,

And on the railway, a suited man said,
“I’m just passing through.”

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd something not-mine that I love:

The Sharks
by Denise Levertov

Well then, the last day the sharks appeared.
Dark fins appear, innocent
as if in fair warning. The sea becomes
sinister, are they everywhere?
I tell you, they break six feet of water.
Isn't it the same sea, and won't we
play in it any more?
I like it clear and not
too calm, enough waves
to fly in on. For the first time
I dared to swim out of my depth.
It was sundown when they came, the time
when a sheen of copper still the sea,
not dark enough for moonlight, clear enough
to see them easily. Dark
the sharp lift of the fins.

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