Sunday, May 29, 2011

Don't Mind the Chaos

I consider myself a fairly low-maintenance person. I need caffeine in my system, and a good book, and I can get by. I use a flip-phone. Which I love. I like big, bounding dogs. I'm a leo, but I'm really, really not. My favorite color is brown.

But I have been without internet for five days, and I DO NOT LIKE IT.

I moved up to Rochester last week, since I'll be starting my PhD in modern art there this fall. Unfortunately, the internet hates me. Or rather, the cable company hates me, and as a result, I won't have internet until next week, at the earliest. SO HOW AM I BLOGGING?!?!?!

LET ME JUST TELL YOU. I have found the coffee shop of my DREAMS, just one block away. And that is significant, which anybody who knows my caffeine obsession understands. It's this kinda dark, kinda gritty indie place called Boulder Coffee Company that uses indigo Fiesta Ware (hi Jen) and has huge modern artworks on all of the walls. It has a stage for live performers, and a HUGE WONDERWOMAN PORTRAIT in the back, right next to an abstract sunflower oil painting (hi Brian). And they're playing Joan Jett. They KNOW me. Also, they serve alcohol at night.

Did I mention the coffee? It is perfection in soy-latte form. I die.

Moving is a really weird concept. And I've moved a LOT in my 21 years, so I would know. You put your entire life into a truck, all squished in on itself so that the contents of your kitchen, which have never before met the contents of your bedroom, which have never before met the junk in your garage, are suddenly all up in each other's business for a long, awkward drive.

Also, there's something about moving that turns my psyche into mush. Like I said, I've moved probably 8 or 9 times in my 2-ish decades, so it really shouldn't phase me, but when you find yourself in a strange, too-quiet new apartment surrounded by unidentifiable boxes (I suck at packing) and with no idea of where to's daunting. My solution? Reach for the Harry Potter. Instant comfort. I know, NERD. Hi Brian.

I like making lists. Have some lists.

Things I learned this week:
1.) My books are out of control. OUT. OF. CONTROL.
2.) Filling a completely empty pantry is mad-expensive.
3.) I always forget to buy maple syrup. God damn.
4.) Being low-maintenance does not stop me from being a closet-hog. Sorry Brian.
5.) If you have good water pressure, you should stop and appreciate it.
6.) Walmart is weird.
7.) I could live comfortably in a coffee shop for at least 2 days. At least.
8.) It is more than likely that I will either be the victim or the witness of a murder in the basement of my apartment building. It is terrifying.
9.) My guitar is a person. Because I miss it like a person (I forgot it at my sister's place....I'm a bad mommy).
10.) My boyfriend and I CAN have an entire phone conversation consisting of growling. Grrrrr. Rarrrrr. Womp.

Things I love about my apartment:
1.) It has a sun porch. With French doors.
2.) It has a claw-foot tub.
3.) Walk. In. Closet.
5.) Though the basement is mad-ax-murderer creepy, I can use it to practice my ghouling. Also, Brian wants ghosts.
6.) If I walk around in my underwear, there's only about a 30% chance that somebody will see me from a neighboring building. Which is fairly good odds.
8.) The bathroom is carpeted, which is an oddity, but it's an oddity my chronically cold feet like. Toasty.
9.) My apartment is the highest one in the building, which I have decided makes me king of the building. I think it's logical.
10.) My land-lady texts. With smilies.

Pictures will follow once I have internet (fo realz).

Can you tell that I took full advantage of the delicious coffee here? Can you?


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