Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Special Poetry Wednesday: Shel Silverstein's Posthumous Collection

Remember Where the Sidewalk Ends and A Light In the Attic? I thoroughly adored them when I was little, and they sit, to this day, on the "easy to reach" side of one of the book-mountains in my apartment. I don't own The Giving Tree, though, mostly because I can't read it without turning into a big crying mess. Kinda like I did when Shel Silverstein died. He was just a really, really good dude, and, along with Bob Ross, he would be highly present at my fantasy tea party.

Anyway. A posthumous collection of his unpublished poems came out yesterday, and Flavorwire posted this animated version of Shel's saddest story in its honor. The video is narrated by the poet himself, and features his sweet harmonica stylings. Good stuff in my book. Watch with tissues.

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