Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lars Teichmann: The Darker Plane

I'm kind of blown away by the work of German artist Teichmann, partly because when I paint, my stuff comes out sort of like (a much less impressive version of) this, and partly because of the plane he's operating from. Remember that scene from The Lord of The Rings (geeeeeeeekingggg outttttt) where Frodo puts on the Ring and gets stabbed in his wee little shoulder? Remember that trippy place he's in while he's wearing it, and how light and color seem to be draining? It's another plane, and it looks like this one, but there's a deadness there that's somehow lovely. This is where Teichmann paints, taking the paintings we know and twisting them.

For once, I'm not going to gush for lines and lines about the work. As one commenter said on a blog featuring  Teichmann's paintings, "you have to look on the paintings for a while to find the motive." So take a look.

(Just for funsies, see if you can spot anything "extra" in Olympiade)

Etablissement 200x300 acrylic on canvas 2010

untitled 200x150 acrylic on canvas 2010

Olympiade 200x230 acrylic on canvas 2010

Fever 200x260 acrylic on canvas 2010


  1. Great Blog! Thank you for featuring Lars Teichmann.

  2. So glad you like it! Thanks for following.