Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Rochester Update: Santa Claus is Coming/Already Forcefully Exerting His Magical Presence

Well, I survived my first semester as a doctoral student. This might not seem like the biggest of big deals, but it sure makes this getting-older-business a lot more pressing. Four more semesters, and it will be dissertation time. Presumably, that means a published book, a doctoral degree, a job, and expanded brain power. Of some sort. The last bit is negotiable.

The good news is that CHRISTMAS IS COMING. I am a Christmas fiend, and I am not shy about it. Our apartment is currently an explosion of paper snowflakes, twinkle lights, and garlands. Our fatty-fat tree is taking up the better part of the living room, and an assortment of Yankee Candle scents is slowly altering our brain chemistry (possibly). The gingerbread cookies are soon-to-be-baked, and Moody and I are steadily working through my list of magical Christmas movies, of which there are plenty. It is definitely childish, and we are certainly feeding the commercial machine. But I really love Christmas. Since it’s our first one together, Moody and I will be sticking close to home, and I’m looking forward to the most loving, cookie-filled, snuggly Christmas ever.

That being said, Moody and I are warring over what constitutes good Christmas music. He’s of the Mariah-Carey-Boys-II-Men school of thought, while I’m sticking to the classics. Bing. The Carpenters. Judy Garland. Eartha Kitt. The Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack. Etc. He’s mostly letting me win, but I’m determined to make a convert of him. I have nothing against pop, but I refuse to listen to Jessica Simpson and her ex-hubby mangling the classics.

And it wouldn’t be Christmas without wonderful news! My mom and step-father just sold their house in England, and are moving to the states this spring! For a grad student who is perpetually broke and can’t hop on a plane whenever the mood strikes, this is marrrrrrrvelous news. They’ve found a gorgeous, big old house down south, and I absolutely cannot wait to visit. 

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