Thursday, July 14, 2011


This time tomorrow, Moody and I will be at the midnight showing of Deathly Hallows. So I’ve declared it Harry Potter Day. Do please enjoy. All day long.

Ten Mostly Irrelevant Things Pertaining to My Relationship With Harry Potter:

1. There’s a statue at the Met that looks just like Voldemort. It’s my secret favorite.

2. For the first few years I was reading the books, I thought that Hagrid actually had a slobbery pet boar. Dear old Fang. You’ll have to excuse me, I was like nine.

3. I was visiting my family in England when the seventh and final book came out.  I stopped talking to my mother for two days because she bought Keane tickets for all of us for the day of the book release. I like to think I was not the only kid in that arena reading during the concert.

4. I read the entire first book aloud to my sister to get her into the series. She loves them almost as much as I do now, but there were some dicey times there. Unfortunately, she refuses to re-read any of them. I plug my ears and sing when she confuses the main characters.

 5. One of my good friends in middle school had her 13th birthday as a backyard carnival, and the prizes at one of the booths were goldfish. I won two fishies, which I named after Dobby and Winky. I took them home, and Dobby ate Winky. Trauma. I will never keep fish again.

6. I have a (not so) secret grudge against any and all non-Ian-McKellen Dumbledores. He’s just the wizardy-est wizard there is. Hell, he can play Merlin, the Wizard of Oz, and Jafar while he’s at it.

7. I played the flute in high school (ha, ha), and during my sophomore year we played the Harry Potter theme at our spring concert. Mostly because I was subliminal messaging the shit out of the band teacher.

8. The day I didn’t get my acceptance letter to Hogwarts was a dark, dark day. This winter I actually bought a green pen and wrote one out (word for word according to the book with the official Hogwarts seal, and even including a list of required materials) for a friend who was waiting for grad school acceptances. She got into UPenn, but I think my offer was better.

9. I considered saving up for a Wii solely because I wanted to cast spells on it. Luckily, my sister and her dude beat me to it.

10. My boyfriend’s last name is Moody, so I’m thinking that if I ever get lonesome for more Potter, I can mess with one of his eyes, and have my very own Mad-Eye.

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