Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Cypress Women: Yasuhiro Sakurai

Aren't they pretty? Also creepy, yes, I know, but so pretty. Yasuhiro Sakurai carves these weird little beauties from cypress, adding bits of enamel so that they stay this lovely buttery shade, somewhere between ghosts and sunshine.

They're predominantly untitled, but a few bear names like "SWIM" (the lady pictured here first with her hair reaching out sideways, perhaps to take out the competition) and "Hidden Houses" (the lady with the ringlets).

Like I said, they're quite pretty to look at, but they probably wouldn't have caught my eye if I hadn't seen the way the artist sets them up. They converse with each other on the white walls of the gallery, sneaking glances at one another and staring in silence. Notice how some are set up directly across from one another. Their gazes are discomforting, especially because they're lovely enough that you want to look at them, even to touch them. The hair is made precious to the point where it nearly becomes fetish, but the gazes, I think, subsume it. Talk about sentience. Also, I think the one with the bangs stole my haircut.

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