Friday, July 22, 2011

A Hundred Little Reasons (To Love the Ukulele)

Ukulele band. I'm sold.

But really, the music of Hundred Little Reasons is hot tea and honey and a bee that won't sting you. Aside from the fact that I'm petitioning my sister to buy me a ukulele for my birthday next month so that I can learn to make such ear-candy, I feel kind of invested in this little two-man band (comprised of singer/songwriter Andrew Grimes and producer Jim Crane). They're based in Brighton, which is only about 50 miles from where my mom lives in the UK, so I'm hoping to find a show the next time I visit. 

For now, they only have a couple of tracks out, which is equal parts frustrating and happy-making because a.) I want more, and b.) They aren't well-known yet, which I've decided makes them mine. 

Their spiel is as short and sweet. According to their homepage, The pair "enjoy practicing magic tricks, telling rude jokes and singing silly songs. Fusing a blend of one part Ukulele, one part whimsy and two part harmony, theirs is a simple promise: to celebrate a love of small things and to revel in the joy of multiplicity."

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