Friday, June 22, 2012

Lost At Sea: The Art of Alex Weinstein

You've got to love a surf-bum who knows his way around a paint brush.

Alex Weinstein translates his love and need for the ocean into gorgeous oil paintings and fiberglass sculptures. "The ocean has been such an overwhelmingly benevolent force in my life," he has said. "I can't stand leaving it and I really don't even want to take my eyes off it for long." His works become something more than pleasant or even contemplative landscapes; they feel rather like portraits of a lover. Familiar, obsessive, and necessary.

Somewhere between Turner's sea-scapes, Rothko's color-fields, and Judd's minimalist objects, his creations are the confluence of the misty sublime and material reality. 

Images, from top to bottom:
Alex in his studio
(Just Like) Passing Clouds, oil on panel, 2011
In This Light, oil on panel, 2011
Ocean Size (Wish I Was), oil on canvas, 2005
Untitled, oil on panel, 2009
Untitled Swell Model, resin, wood, pigment, foam, bondo, 2009
Detail from Swell Model

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