Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Mix- Goofs v. Goons

It's a valid science, I promise. If you think you know the difference, you're wrong. Anyway. This one was made for a friend in return for the best mix I've received in a verrrry long time. Magic.

1. Vagabond- Wolfmother
2. Blood Bank- Bon Iver
3. Spring and By Summer Fall- Blonde Redhead (I have theory that this song would be really scary if you were tripping, and, in fact, there's a thoroughly trippy music video version of it with these dreamy airplane scenes all mashed together. It freaks me out.)
4. Adventures in Solitude- The New Pornographers (This song is equally effective for endings and beginnings.)
5. Blood- The Middle East (This is the best song I've found in a while. Listen on repeat, improve your life.)
6. Sweet Disposition- The Temper Trap
7. Islands- The Xx (Both of these singers have dead-sexy voices. Both of them.)
8. In the Dirt- S. Carey
9. To Leave It Behind- The Great Lake Swimmers
10. Love Me Through- Port O'Brien
11. Smile That Explodes- Joseph Arthur (All-time favorite, what can I say?)
12. Desperately Wanting- Better Than Ezra
13. Heartbeats- José González (Another old favorite. I've seen him live before, and he's fantastic. I also love his less-well-known band Junip. Check them out.)
14. Twelve Minutes North- Breakfast of Champions (Ok, this song has a weird story behind it. I'm constantly sniffing out new music to love, and I have many ways of doing that. In that capacity, I stumbled across this song online, and fell in love with it. I'd never heard of the band before, and they only had a couple of songs out, so I did a little research and realized the band is fronted by the brother of an old friend. This is the Twilight Zone.)
15. Pure- Mirah ft. Ginger Takahashi
16. Thunderclap- Eskimo Joe

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