Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Light Me Up

I have this really weird obsession with light. I can't explain it. When I was reeeeally little, my parents used to take my sister and me out in the car at night in December just to look at the Christmas lights. It was the best, when there was nothing more important or more pressing than the need to find some really good Christmas lights. I think I could live in the crummiest apartment in the world and make it feel like home as long as I have some white twinkle lights to string up.

I'm unconsciously attracted to art and installations that feature light. My thought (feeling?) process tends to go "I love this" first, and "This lights up" second-- not the other way around. James Clar, who I've posted about before, is probably my favorite installation artists, and he does some unbearably beautiful things with light.

So imagine my GLEE at discovering that there is a a THEME PARK based on lights in Japan. 5.8 million lights illuminate Nabana no Sato park in Kuana. Everything is illuminated, from the flower gardens to the beer gardens to the towering replica of Mt. Fuji. I'm positively pining for it. This is not melodrama.

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